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At Red Parrot Consulting we understand that all businesses and business owners are different and are at different stages in their life cycle. You will therefore be seeking advice and guidance that is unique to you. My business provides a flexible approach to Business Strategy Advice and Coaching that commences with a Business Success Audit that will help identify what you need so we don't waste time on the things you don't need. My flagship service is my ongoing strategy and accountability service where I will meet with you for monthly or bi-monthly. These meetings are designed to help with strategy and advice on any aspect of running your business and provide you with an accountability coach to ensure that you are implementing and measuring the success of your business strategy.

We start with a Business Growth Review

My Business Growth Review identifies areas of your business that are underperforming and identifies opportunities for your business to grow.


Working through a simple process that includes a questionnaire and a meeting with me. I will compare your business to the Small Business Success Framework and provide you with a report outlining what parts of your business need improving.


You can use this report to map out how to best use our time together each month.

Graph explaining Red Parrot Consulting's services
Red Parrot Consulting's Business Success Framework

Ongoing Strategy and Accountability

You and your business can benefit from having an external adviser to provide an objective, fresh perspective on your operations and strategies. I will meet with you each month to help you set strategies and keep you accountable to ensure that your business is meeting its goals.

Red Parrot Consulting's Business Success Framework

Laser Sessions

When your business hits hard times it can be difficult to know how to turn things around. Sometimes it feels like nothing is working. It just may be that you can't see the solution because you are busy working in the business. If you are not after regular coaching or advice but want to know that you can get expert help when you need it, I am here to help. you may even just need someone to bounce ideas off.  Book in one of my laser sessions and we can work through things together.

Lis of things Red Parrot Consulting can help with

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